The Magical Fisherman



Atreus and his sister, Adelyn, live with their mom and dad in China.  They are a multi-cultural, blended family who believe in love, friendship, and magic!  

Their adventure begins when Auntie Zoe takes them for a walk down by the ocean.  There they meet an ancient and magical fisherman friend.  He invites them on a boat ride and shows them the magic of the sea.

Join Atreus and Adelyn on their ocean adventure.  Perfect for readers 4-8 years old.

The Magical Fisherman is an imaginative and fun book that children 4 – 8 years old will love.  While full of magic and surprise, this book gently touches on themes of sibling relationships, cultural diversity, and blended families (blended and inclusive of racial difference) making this a great tool for open communication.

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