Sibley and the Night Noises



Sibley and the Night Noises is a fun bedtime story for kids afraid of sounds and noises at night. Playful, imaginative and full of noises that are explained – from noisy pipes to the pitter patter of rain drops, during this fun story for children, Sibley finds her courage, faces her fears, and finally ends up sleeping peacefully. 

There are strange noises in Sibley’s house. They wake her up and scare her. Sibley is having nightmares. How can she become empowered to deal with them? A fun bedtime story, about the struggles of bedtime. 

She hears a bump and then a whump! What could those noises be? Follow along while Sibley, her furry friends and brother Sam figure out the noises their old house makes.

This night time book is fun and interactive and the story opens the doorway to talk. A helpful tool to have on hand at a new place! Remember that feeling safe is facilitated by ritual. This book will quickly become part of your nighttime ritual.

Bedtime stories help children empathize with others, build a stronger relationship with you, and master developmental tasks. Learning to sleep independently means developing the abilities to self regulate and self soothe. While some children are naturally good sleepers, many are not. Pediatric studies estimate that sleep problems affect 25-50% of children and 40% of all teens

This book touches on the subjects of sleep, bedtime, anxiety at night, bedtime routine, bedtime story, childhood, and pets.