Marshmallow Paints the Town | Book 3



Meet Avry, a super special, sensitive little girl who finds her best friend at the local animal shelter.  Avry lives in a beautiful farmhouse and loves being close to nature.  She’s a little quirky, with a touch of anxiety and hypersensitivity and has an incredibly active imagination with a magical view of the world.  Avry believes in fairies and elves, and even talking animals!

Book 3 in the Marshmallow Adventure Series, Marshmallow the magical cat gets lonely and upset when his best friend Avry takes an after-school job babysitting.  To teach her a lesson, he decides to go into town so he isn’t home when she gets back from her job. In town, Marshmallow finds a yarn store, full of magnificent colors. He falls asleep in a barrel of yarn, dreaming of all the bright colors.  When he wakes up and goes outside he realizes his dream has caused the whole town to change colors. He rushes to Avry and asks for forgiveness and help. Will they be able to get the town back to the way it should be before the townspeople realize what he’s done?

Throughout the story, they learn the power of teamwork and helping a friend in a time of need. 

An empowering story that all children can relate to, Marshmallow Paints the Town is a beautifully illustrated and imaginative tale that touches on many real life situations and themes in a fun and understanding way.

  • Problem Solving and Helping Others
  • Growing Up
  • The powerful role of community
  • The satisfaction of fixing a problem
  • The importance of magic

At the end of the story, you’ll find discussion questions – these handy questions can help open up a dialogue and give parents a starting point to connect on topics with their children. The topics you’ll find for discussion are:

  • Being different
  • Staying angry
  • Having to do things you don’t like
  • Struggling while doing your best – persistence and determination
  • Collaboration and working together

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