Avry & Atreus Save Christmas



Meet Avry, a super special, sensitive little girl who finds her best friend at the local animal shelter.  Avry lives in a beautiful farmhouse and loves being close to nature.  She’s a little quirky, with a touch of anxiety and hypersensitivity and has an incredibly active imagination with a magical view of the world.  Avry believes in fairies and elves, and even talking animals!  

Avry LOVES Christmas time and can’t wait for her cousin, Atreus, to arrive from China for the holidays. They receive a mysterious message from a raven which sends them on a quest to save Christmas! Follow along as they search for clues on this Christmas adventure.

 Will they be in time to save Christmas? This delightful Christmas tale is sure to be read every holiday season. It’s full of elves, ravens, clues, Christmas trees, lights and Santa! And the inherent goodness we all have inside ourselves.

Throughout the story, they learn the magic of Christmas and the power of friendship.

An empowering story that all children can relate to, Avry and Atreus Save Christmas is a beautifully illustrated and imaginative tale that touches on many real life situations and themes in a fun and understanding way.

  • Mystery and magic
  • Friendship, cousins, traditions
  • Collaboration, problem solving, following clues
  • Self acceptance, being different

At the end of the story, you’ll find discussion questions – these handy questions can help open up a dialogue and give parents a starting point to connect on topics with their children. The topics you’ll find for discussion are:

  • Dealing with company,  sharing a room
  • Being sensitive
  • Special traditions
  • Favorite things about Christmas

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