Author, Dr. Kimberly Brayman, has created an enchanting series that focuses on magic, being different, and the power of belief in oneself. The Marshmallow the Magic Cat Adventure are a series of beautifully illustrated chapter books sure to delight readers of all ages.

Avry's Magical Cat book cover

This series starts with Avry’s Magical Cat. Follow along as Avry and her magical cat, Marshmallow, explore the world around them. From the first time Avry laid eyes on Marshmallow at the animal adoption center, she knew they were meant to be best friends. Together, along with friends and family, they navigate a world of magic and the mundane. Avry is a sensitive girl who dislikes crowds, scratchy clothing and loud noises. Her Nana understands her and shows her what a magical place the world is.

Book Cover for A Troll in the Woods, a Marshmallow the Magic Cat Adventure

Avry and Marshmallow have many adventures. In A Troll in the Woods, Stefan wants to get the perfect present for Avry’s birthday, so he goes into the woods to search for it. He ignores warnings about a troll and he is captured. Once captured and tied up, Stefan meets a family of skunks!

Avry, Marshmallow and Shadow go on a quest to help save their friend. Along the way they learn that courage and fear can go hand in hand. Through this adventure they learn how strong friendship can be, and how brave one can be when facing adversity.

Avry and Atreus Save Christmas, Book cover

In Avry and Atreus Save Christmas, Avry and Stefan receive a strange message. They have to save Christmas, but from what? As the friends go about their winter activities, they discover exactly what they need to do.

This is a delightful Christmas tale to be read every holiday season. It’s full of elves, ravens, and the capability inside all children to redeem themselves and be good.

Marshmallow is lonely and upset when Avry takes an after-school job babysitting two young boys. To teach her a lesson, he decides to go into town so he isn’t home when she gets back from her job. Let the crazy adventure begin in Marshmallow Paints the Town.

In town, Marshmallow finds a yarn store, full of magnificent colors. He falls asleep in a barrel of yarn, dreaming of all the bright colors. When he wakes up and goes outside he realizes his dream has caused the whole town to change colors. He rushes to Avry and asks for forgiveness and help. Will they be able to get the town back to the way it should be before the townspeople realize what he’s done?

More Marshmallow the Magic Cat Adventure books coming soon!

The next books in the Marshmallow the Magic Cat Adventure series are Marshmallow Gets a Baby Sister and A Trip to the Hotsprings.

Marshmallow Gets a Baby Sister.

Marshmallow Get a Little Sister

Readers know that Marshmallow can get grumpy when he doesn’t get his own way.

How will he ever accept a new kitten into his life?

This fun story focuses on love and the lesson that there is more than enough to go around.

A Trip to the Hotsprings

In A Trip to the Hot Springs, the Nana, Avry and Marshmallow band together and focus on skills needed to assist with anxiety with a good measure of friendship and magic thrown in. Kids will love the interesting creatures they meet along the way.

These books will all be available mid 2021. Check, back often for more information on when books are available.