When you open these illustrated books, you step into a vivid and colorful world filled with imaginative creatures and stories. Dr. Kimberly Brayman created these books to be read to younger readers as they learn about numbers, the alphabet, emotions, and things to do with your imagination.

Practical and whimsical these books are sure to become bedtime or anytime favorites. New books are added on a monthly basis so make sure you check back and see what’s coming next!

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Count With Me!

Children love this colorful, silly counting book. Count along with them as they learn their numbers, and then do it allover again! This is sure to become a favorite for children aged 0 to 4.

Dr. Kimberly Brayman wrote and created the illustrations for this whimsical book. She loves bright colors. They bring a little more joy into the world.She believes a well-written story, even one about counting, can help a child build empathy and empower them to build boundaries, solve problems and become self-reliant.

Artsy Alphabet Book Cover

Artsy Alphabet

Enjoy the whimsical world of the Artsy Alphabet. From animals and flowers to a witch and a quest, this book is sure to please readers of all ages.

Dr. Kimberly Brayman wrote and illustrated this colorful, fun alphabet book with lots of interesting characters. She loves the way her heart and soul magically rejuvenate when she paints.

She loves vibrant colors and the joy they bring her and others. As she paints she imagines a world that all can enjoy; a world filled with color, love and kindness.


Atreus is a toddler who doesn’t have the words to tell his mama what he wants for breakfast. She brings him many things to try, but they aren’t right.

What Atreus craves is frozen, yummy, crunchy, juicy blueberries. No matter how hard he thinks it, she doesn’t bring them.

Will his mama figure it out? Will Atreus get what he loves to eat?

Blueberries is an imaginative and humorous story and a touchstone for parents trying to make the bridge of communication with a toddler lacking the language acquisition. It normalizes struggle around food, the table, and the navigation of this gem of a developmental stage. My child has wants but no words to tell me.

We Are Different and the Same

Atreus noticed in some ways he looked different from his mama, his dad and his friends. He also noticed, in some ways, he looked the same as them.

He realizes that everyone in the world is different in some ways and the same in others; from the color of their hair to the things they like to do. And that’s just the way it should be!

Illustrated book, I want to be

I Want to Be

I Want To Be, is a rhyming book for children ages 0 to 4.

Kids love this fun, easy to read storybook.

The magical ideas will delight your child. It is sure to become a favorite.

Nana Loves You More

Nana loves a lot of things, like traveling and dancing and baking and painting, and so much more!

There’s one thing Nana loves more than anything else in the whole wide world.
Can you guess what it is?

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