Avry Goes to the Hospital

Lemonade out of Lemons?

My imagination ran wild

I spent a week in Kelowna General Hospital just over a year ago, and I am grateful for the care. Having said that it was the noisiest place on the planet, and I lay for hours with my eyes closed and needed feel anything other than crazy and dreadfully sick. I needed a focus that was positive.

I wrote a book, in my mind, while I lay there, and I am watching it come to life. In my hospital, the flamingos do the cleaning, the nurses are cuddly bears, and magical animals dive in and out of the walls of the pediatric floor. Did you know that in Kelowna Hospital, there is a parade every night? The animals go up and down the halls of the ward and play cymbals, drums, and any number of beeping, banging, clashing, musical instruments.

So, my point? In life, when you can, make lemonade out of lemons. Attitude does go a long way. Avry Goes to the Hospital will be published in the next few months.