The Treasure

Mermaids, and sea fairies. Are they the same? Different? Research is needed. I found that the Mi’Kmaq, (original people here) have a legend of a young man, down by the water, enthralled when he sees a group of beautiful girls. When seen they dive into the water. The legend goes on, and I love, love, love when my curiosity is sparked to learn history, myths, and legends. Nova Scotia is the home of my navy son and his wife, the place my maternal grandparents called home, and I am visiting. This place is full of mystery, magic, beauty and inspiration.

Often my stories start in a burst, then percolate. Marshmallow and the treasure of Oak Island (working title) is at stage two. The photo above captures me writing partial scenes that have come to me.
We are off for the Salty Dog boat tour of Oak Island shortly. With notebook, pen, camera, trusty sidekick, family, and a joyful zest we set off. Research for a Marshmallow story is under way.
Let the treasure reveal itself.

The treasure for me is a tale worth telling. Dr. Kimberly