What inspires me?

My shift from being a psychologist to a children’s author is motivated by a priority value of mine. I believe in making a positive difference in the world. It is about a core belief in being a good human, for lack of a better term, and a belief that giving benefits the giver and the receiver. Second belief in the mix – I believe in win-win scenarios, situations, conversations, and actions, that benefit all involved.

There are many advantages to helping someone else, and gifting something as simple as a true hello and smile, to time volunteering feels good. I spent twenty years in the USA building a private practice, running a neurofeedback clinic, lecturing at local middle schools on parenting, and genuinely aiming at being a woman of grace in my community. Some pro bono work was not part of the structure of my practice, it was part of the structure of me. What has changed is the country I live in, the community I call my own, and the vehicle I use to share wisdom. I live in Canada now, in the Okanogan, and instead of sitting in an office with women, teens or children, I write.

Health challenges necessitated a shift, and my fuel forward is the belief that I am creating a new chapter of life. This chapter honors my ability to be flexible, fluid and adaptable. It is one that emerged after years of clinical practice and allows, even encourages, my immensely active imagination. I write, I paint, I create magical stories full of the messages children need to be receiving. Marshmallow, the giant orange cat of the Marshmallow series is a magical fellow who struggles with sharing, with self control, and yet is full of good intentions. Avry is a ten year old girl who is hypersensitive, anxious, curious, and loves both nature and the world of fairies, elves and other magical creatures. She is perfect “just the way she is.” The pair have many adventures, challenges and wonderful experiences. More importantly, Avry and Marshmallow have much to teach all of us.

Without self awareness, self regulation and self acceptance skills, life is more a bucking bronco ride than an inspired experience of fulfillment. If we accept ourselves as we are, with all our quirky edges, we can then fuel positive changes, with sustainability. As we find this golden path we must do the work of self development.

I am creative, curious, and full of magical stories. I am also disorganized, scattered, and have much less energy than I did ten years ago. I offer the world what I am good at, and ask for support from friends and family as I deal with what is daunting. My goal as an author is in alignment with my love for children, my belief in doing good in the world, and my belief in magic. My goal is fueled by self love, self support and passionate action. No one outside me can derail this. If my goals were motivated by fear, desperation, or any sense of “I will only be okay when…,” then I am in trouble. Joseph Campbell, decades ago, said “Follow your bliss.” He believed that if you support yourself, (or your children), to focus on what they are passionate about, the outcome will be positive. Dig deep and find life goals which feel good emotionally, which excite you , and which inspire you to stay the course. Hold the emotional energy of inspired action. Be the best version of yourself in this world. The benefits will come back to you ten-fold. With love, Dr. Kimberly