I Wear A Mask and I Can Be…

We are entering the fourth wave of covid and, at least where I live, masks are mandatory for many activities. I started I Wear a Mask earlier this year and have now returned to paint the art for it. My heart opens with satisfaction when I have a paint brush in my hand, and I am reminded of my volunteer work in the Philippines after Typhoon Yolanda.

In the midst of destruction and chaos, children played. In the evenings, after hours spent doing trauma work with survivors, I doodled and drew. I played. Play offers many benefits. It helps us make sense of crazy situations, and move the energy through our bodies.

Covid is a crazy situation. Helping children use their imaginations to have fun with wearing a mask seems fitting, and fun. This book will offer a tool for parents and teachers to support children in wearing a mask at school, to sports, restaurants and on and on.

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I Wear a Mask and I can Be a construction Worker

With sturdy boots, a hat and gloves

I walk high beams up in the sun.

At our city center we build walls

For buildings high and buildings tall.