As The Mount Law fire Raged.

I love monsters

I was evacuated Sunday night as the flames crept over the mountain ridge. Always good in an emergency, I packed essentials. Paintbrushes and paints came. Dog poop bags- no. Insurance paperwork- no. Random clothes. Within 24 hours of being out of my home I was at Opus cruising art supplies- I forgot the big paper. It was that or Home Depot but no house to DIY so art.

I am blessed to be illustrating The Monster in the Underwear Drawer by David Wylie, and I LOVE the monster. As Riley conjures , his monster gets scarier, and stinks of sardines. When Riley changes his thoughts it gets less scary. Such is life I think- it all depends on attitude. I am creating. Other worries (even big ones like my house burning down) recede. What a great lesson. Create. Act. Make choices. Freezing up – no bueno. Look for a positive outlet when under stress and resist inertia.