Art Soothes the Soul

The Monster in the Underwear Drawer by David Wylie – illustrating it now. How FUN!!

For some of us, creative, non-logical, sensitive, and easily over-stimulated types, I suggest art! Steps to success begin with asking your inner critic to go sit in a different room. They are not allowed to comment or interfere. Second, put on soul soothing music (this day was Gregorian chants…ya well, try it before you criticize). Then, in a beautiful space (for me, looking at the again visible lake (fire smoke down), create!

I spent hours, and hours immersed in the world of Riley and his fictitious monster in the underwear drawer. As he dwells on it, it gets scarier and scarier. The message of David Wylie’s story is that how we think influences us, and that if we change how we think, so does our reality. Riley does it with the help of his dad and his monster gets silly, dancing and singing a song. Well, you have all heard this message from me – cognitive behavioural therapy in a self managed way. Change how you think and it also influences how you feel. Hurray!

I took on this project as illustrator because I believe in the message of the story, and because art soothes my very soul. I lose time, I start humming, spontaneous joy appears with cool ideas. What is not to love? Avoid the tv the next time you feel stressed and let loose with your creative groove. Just remember, no critics allowed.