The power of Friendship: A Troll in the Woods

The power of friendship

At first glance, The troll in the Woods is an adventure about a boy who gets kidnapped by a troll. There is a daring rescue and a dash for safety. A family of skunks helps chew the ropes, and Avry, despite her anxiety is determined to free her friend Stefan. The story is all of that, but it is also a template for children to hear about other children being supportive, collaborating, cared about. What is friendship? Loyalty? What does it mean to Avry, and to her friend Stefan? How does the book open the door to discuss these issues? There are a set of questions, at the back of every Marshmallow book. They invite and open up communication between a caregiver and a child. Children learn about the world in a many ways, but it is clear that reading stories opens up their viewpoint, and moves them to think about others. Stories entertain, they excite, they provide a doorway into another world. Inside the stories. are adventure, magic, wisdom, and the treasure of empathy. We all do better in life when we feel safe, we feel seen, and we feel the friendship of others. We all do better when we care for another.