Self soothing with Affirmations and Humor

Sibley and the Bad Dreams is coming in August. “We are safe in bed,” Sibley says to Moose. “I am brave,” is another affirmation she uses at night. An affirmation is simply a repeated statement to self. It is a positive, affirming, encouraging message that “you choose to repeat!” The more you repeat it, the faster it will become an automatic thought vs the negative self talk many people unnecessarily live with. Automatic thoughts are ones that are so familiar they are ingrained and pop into our minds unbidden. They can be negative or positive.

“I suck,” is disheartening, discouraging, deflating. It is one that pops up for me, particularly when I flounder at a cognitive task. “I am capable; I am strong; I am brave; I have this.” Any of these will light my fire to show up and do my best. I replace “I suck,” as soon as it pops into my mind. As a funny aside I often say “I am really good at other things” when I get lost for the umpteenth time. I have almost no sense of direction. Then, I smile. Finding humor, staying light-hearted, and heaps of soft, kind patience (towards yourself) helps as one navigates the bumps in life.

“I see beauty every day; Flow like water (as I visualize finding my way through an obstacle); I choose ease”… these are all affirmations I use regularly. What are yours? Write new ones and put them on sticky notes. See it, read it, repeat it. I want to be my own amazingly supportive best friend. I can be if I keep choosing that. Are you?