Marshmallow Gets a Little Sister.Oh how we hope our kids get along: Siblings

Marshmallow Gets A Little Sister will be published in August. We follow Marshmallow as he tries to give away his adopted little sister.

In parallel with this, my grandson Atreus (now 2 1/2 years) got a little sister Adelyn (now 3 1/2 months). Let’s do a check in. His parents say he loves her (hugs her, too hard at times), he is jealous of her (pinched mom when she was breastfeeding and couldn’t fix his bike immediately), he is kind to her (wants to feed her inappropriate things), wants to hold her, and you hear “Supervision is needed!!!” Expect a bumpy journey as siblings find their relationship in a family that has changed with the arrival of a little one. This juggling journey takes place in the context of too little sleep and hear “Patience is needed!!!”

Marshmallow’s journey is bumpy as he tries to give his little sister away to the neighbour’s dog, or to anyone who will take her from the telephone pole. It is only when she is out in a storm that he rallies to rescue her. A humorous look at introducing a new little one to a family for the 6-10 year old group. While we all have visions of happy children playing together, and them being best friends, the reality of two means the situation will need guidance, patience, and supervision. Two of my three children, at times, “hated” each other (their words)… until they were eighteen and twenty (UG) and have been best friends for a decade. I have watched this journey and it has left me dumbfounded. I do not have all the answers. I certainly have suggestions which you will find in the story.

Avry helps Marshmallow by:

  • talking to him about his new role (you can teach. her magic)
  • acknowledges. his feelings (I know this is hard)
  • including him
  • asking for support/an extra. pair of hands (she calls Penelope the Fairy)
  • loving him (cuddling with him)
  • allowing him to think his help is invaluable (she is magical because of you, her big brother)
  • in a future book “Avry Goes to the Hospital”, Avry has a one on one play date with Marshmallow, and Licorice the Little Sister is given a job to do. One on. one time cannot disappear.
  • Love, love, love. The good news is our hearts grow with everyone we love. We do not need. to find more love – we have. it. available.