Creativity : hearing my characters

As I sit and paint today I am reminded of the speed of life, how time seems to have a mind of its own, and sometimes I feel like I can’t catch up. I don’t go faster any more. I have to regroup to function, and often that is with creativity, art, expression.

It is very soothing to pause, sit and listen to my characters as I draw them. Sibley woke, and was thinking up all the reasons kids everywhere delay going back to bed. “Water please; I need to pee; a story please.” She also had a bad dream. Balancing compassion, and a bedtime boundary, is much harder than you think. Parenting brings unknown challenges to the table every day. With your child you are the expert! No one else will know as well how to help. How do you pause? How do you calm yourself, and your child? Good questions to ponder. Perhaps you, as a parent, deserve the hero cape Sibley asks for 😁.

“Sibley and the Bad Dreams” is coming soon. The sequel to “Sibley and the Night Noises,” it is perfect for kids who struggle with peaceful sleep.