Can I prevent a nightmare?

For those of us plagued by nightmares, the question is “what is under my control in preventing them?” For myself there are very obvious Things I know: don’t ever watch scary, violent tv (ever); follow a soothing ritual as I get ready for bed; focus on gratitude and not problem solving at night; slow down and be mindful of the level of sound, light, stimulation I expose myself to.

Still they creep in. Some nights become a bad movie rerun experience and I am left exhausted. Today is such a morning and I start my day with a priority of being kind to myself for the whole day. I find art and creativity is a go to for self soothing. It’s very appropriate that I am working on the art for my next book Sibley and the Bad Dreams today.

Sibley and the Bad Dreams

Do you find yourself or your children often plagued by nightmares? Perhaps they are just an odd occurrence in an otherwise smooth sleep schedule in your household. No matter how often you or your child get nightmares, I’ve rounded up some tried and true tips and tricks to help make nightmares a thing of the past. These tips and healthy sleeping habits apply to both parents and children. A fun way to introduce this into your household is to by trying these new things together : )

  • Try to go to bed about the same time and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Avoid naps (unless you need one)
  • Avoid eating or exercising just before bedtime.
  • Avoid scary books or movies before bedtime.
  • Avoid screen time before bedtime.
  • Utilize White noise, it can bring pleasant memories to a person. Examples of white noises are the ocean breeze, raindrops, and crickets chirping in the night.
  • Sleep with a stuffed toy or favorite blanket. This helps some kids (and adults!) feel more secure.
  • Use a nightlight. Even if you gave up yours up years ago, you might want to turn it back on.
  • Keep your door open. This will help you remember that your family is close by.
  • If you are scared, get up and find someone for reassurance. You’re never too old for a hug!