Marshmallow Goes to the Hotsprings

Avry has anxiety. She is hypersensitive, socially reticent, and a wonderfully curious girl. She loves life in her crooked farmhouse on the mountain side. A trip to Colorado to see her nana includes Marshmallow her magic cat, her cousin, anxiety, magic sunglasses and strategies to live with anxiety. The most therapeutic of the Marshmallow series, this book speaks to the girls who need courage inside themselves.

A Visit to the Hotsprings brings an adventure of getting lost, skipping stones, a soccer game by bighorn sheep and bears as goalies. Unicorns and fairies fill out a wonderful cast of magical characters. This is my great niece, the little girl Avry was modeled after. She is tiny, smart, and finding her way in a complicated world. Magic and animals are a refuge. Alexandra Kimberly, you remind me so much of the girl I was. You are loved by me. Auntie Kimberly