Books are moving ahead for an exciting holiday season!

There are many books ready to be ordered on or There are also several in the final stages of production. Brothers of the Earth has gone through its sixth (?) rewrite from me and is back with the editor. Magic, mystics, giant eagles and more, this one has brothers as the main characters with an introduction of a healer, her apprentice and a huntress. Illustrations are underway and editing is happening. I am super excited about the first of this series to make it to print. Hopefully it will arrive early in the new year.

Marshmallow Paints the Town is edited, laid out and illustrations are being added. It is my favorite Marshmallow adventure yet. Set in Kelowna there are many local venues wound through the story. Opus Art Supplies donates paint so that Marshmallow, Avry and friends can repaint the town into its proper colors. There is a gathering by “The Bear” which all local residents know and illustrations by Irina are fantastic. Such talent by this young artist.