The Troll in the Forest: An Author’s Exploration

The book is launched. I must say I love the troll. Although we don’t get much of a dive into his psyche he seems to represent grouchiness, selfishness and isolation. He looks, how I feel, before morning coffee, how I feel when I don’t get enough sleep and he gives me room to acknowledge I am not all sunshine and smiles. If you prefer, it is a magical story with children as main characters, adversity and resilience — and challenges overcome. As the author, the stories and characters arrive and I get the opportunity to write their stories down. Each book has a multitude of layers for me. There is the magic of the story and the deeper journey of being a child in a complex world. I see life as magical so it doesn’t seem surprising to find magic in my writing. I spend a great deal of time having internal dialogues with my characters, working towards creating this series with characters with strengths and struggles. Isn’t that after all what is true in life?

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