Inspiration and Kindness: Tag, you’re it!

I have found consistently that if one looks, I mean really sets a full hearted intention to LOOK for beauty and
inspiration — it is always to be found. How lucky that we are capable as Carl Sagan states of “working magic.” We are also capable of seeing magic and being magic.
After thirty minutes of the news I made a choice to reach for beauty. It is not about ignoring the heartbreak of the world. It is about opening to soul rejuvenation so that I can maintain my place in choosing a world of kindness and caring. I read inspiring things, and watched beautiful figure skaters on youtube. As I worked I listened to talented children sing. I worked with my hands in the earth in my garden and told my beloved Yogi Bear that he has made my life much, much better.
What if we all consistently behaved as if we lived in a world full of kindness? It would not mean there would be no illness or loss. It would not mean there would not be heartbreak. It would mean we are not alone as we travel the choppy waters of life , and yes, we should all be wearing masks. That goes without saying, however let’s be wonderful additions to the planet as we go about our days. Tag, you’re it. Dr. Kimberly