The Process of the Number Book

I am excited, inspired, briefly daunted, and then fearlessly engaged as I navigate the creation of a new book. The Count With Me: One to Ten Rhymes for Learning Numbers and the Artsy Alphabet books are my first self illustrated books. The Artsy Alphabet book can be ordered now off my website or Amazon (.ca or .com). The number book started when I had a vision of a huge elephant sitting on a three legged stool. The stool is one that sat by my fireplace in Colorado. The elephant just showed up on my dining room table, in miniature form. Yes, I admit, he was sitting on my table next to the island where Marshmallow the cat first arrived.

Rhymes come in spurts, sometimes after the painting. Penguins for instance were simply huddled and wanted to be painted. The painting process is soothing and relaxing as I look at the lake and swaying trees behind my house. I have a vision. I attempt to paint it. I repaint it. I sometimes repaint again as I fine tune what I see in my mind to what I see on a page of watercolor paper. Then I need to be able to communicate my vision for the book to the person formatting. It is so incredibly clear in my mind. Honestly. Putting words to what is in essence visual is still quite a challenge for me. My newest strategy was to buy a scanner and try concept images to show “what I see in my mind.”

Concept Page for the Count With Me Number Book