Books, Books, Books!

I love to create. I build things, I cook, I paint, and I write. Lately the need to create a series of books for children from first book to chapter books has been a driving force in my life.

As a licensed psychologist in both Canada and the United States, I have seen what children and adults need in their lives in order to thrive. I write these books to inspire and build confidence. It is my sincerest desire to help all readers to recognize themselves in my books and to see they are not alone.

I started out with almost a dozen stories. Today, I have almost 20 waiting to be illustrated and published. I love to paint and I have illustrated several of the books myself.

Many children’s authors pick one age group to write for. I prefer to write books that delight both children and adults, of all ages. I write about magic and travel, diversity and asking questions. I write about coping and thriving in this world we live in. Many of my books for 0-5 year olds are about diversity and being multiracial in a white world. They touch on topics about feeling different and wanting to be accepted.

Books now available

My first published book was Avry’s Magical Cat. It is the first in a series (Marshmallow the Magic Cat Adventures) that introduces the reader to a young girl named Avery, and her magical cat named Marshmallow. In this series we meet, Avry, a highly sensitive, anxious girl who develops capability, courage, and gains insight with every adventure. She does it all with her trusty companion, Marshmallow. Readers meet Avry’s Nana, her friends, fairies, trolls and many more wonderful characters.

Nana Loves You More, is a sweet book about a Nana telling her grandson how much he is loved, more than anything else that his Nana loves.

My third published book is the Artsy Alphabet. I love this book and the feedback on it has been fantastic. I painted all the illustrations in the book, and had a great time getting the rhymes and colours working together in harmony.

More to Come

I do hope you love these books as much as I have loved creating them. There are at least a couple dozen more to come. I welcome you to come on this journey with me.