Avry, one of Dr. Kimberly Brayman's characgters


Welcome and come on in and enjoy the colourful and imaginative world of books created by Dr. Kimberly Brayman.

Kimberly is a licensed psychologist. After decades of working in health care, she now builds confidence, normalizes struggle, and delights adults and children alike through her storytelling. She has several series of books scheduled for release in 2021 and 2022.

She has written a selection of illustrated children’s books for young readers that include an alphabet book and a number book, as well as several books that explore imagination, family and love. Perfect for ages 1 to 5.

Children aged 6 to 10 will enjoy the chapter books in the Marshmallow the Magic Cat Adventure Series. They’ll meet Avry, a sweet, somewhat sensitive girl, who explores her world through the eyes of magic with the help of her her magical cat, Marshmallow. There are several other books that touch on topics of being different, dealing with emotions and exploring and loving the self. The beautiful illustrations in these books ignite the imagination and draw the reader into another world.

There’s the Loving All of Me series, created as a guide for girls of all ages and in 2021 some futuristic nature based books.

Author Dr. Kimberly Brayman headshot

These, and other stories, are told in a loving, intuitive, professional manner to empower the reader while they educate and entertain. Dr. Kimberly Brayman has such a vivid imagination, there’s always something bright and whimsical just waiting to take the form of a book.

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All of Dr. Brayman’s books are available through Amazon. To find out when books are being released, and to keep up to date on what new books are on the horizon, be sure to come back often and read her blog.